This is supposed to be the next big thing to save our " dead malls ": Leisure and Retailtainment! Everyone agrees with this and try to launch new concepts in a great confusion some times What are we talking about with immersive experience, active Leisure, Edutainment- Attainment - Edutainment? Even the old fashion Europe is falling in love with the concept despite massive key factors of success not fully mastered at this stage ( technical requirements, business model, capacity to operate, lack of leisure franchises ... ) Among the profusion of initiatives more or less successful to " make the show " in the malls, we want to highlight 7 strategies to use with Leisure and Retailtainment to regenerate the shopping malls industry 1 / Place Retail at the heart of the experiential project When talking about Retaitainment ( Retail + Entertainment ), most people focus on entertainment through activations, events, sports, and Technologie Fine but let us not forget the other component: Retail itself! Landlords and mall management can support the attractiveness and footfall with iconic events but can not create the show inside the shops or replace their knowledge of the client Shops are the first vectors of emotion and experience for customers. They have the legitimacy and ability to tell an amazing story through the brand and the venue Iconic Brand - Iconic Shop - Iconic Experience remains daily Apple at each new opening like below in Istanbul Spaces are poorly adapted for "a theatrical play"? It does not matter: pop-up stores (ephemeral corners in common areas) or Concept Stores ( vacant venues temporarily converted) can give space for a real show 2 / Transform Retail into the theater While common areas have become the playground of major events, the stores must reinvent themselves not only with visual merchandising but as well by creating theaters where clients can pay their best roles Sports stores have been pioneers by creating "universes in the universe" At the backstage of Adidas flagships, you can practice Cross fitting or Yoga when Nike store is frequently totally redesigned and look like a space camp or a stadium On a different note, the " Feel like Home" spirit is perfectly anchored in the Lifestyle spirit of trendy shops like Boardriders Malibu, combining retail, coffee shop, barbershop and surf workshop 3 / Adopt a Holistic approach for Leisure Retail is not the only anchor: Food, Sport, Art, Culture, Wellness are the new ambassadors of Lifestyle and mixed-use destinations • The come back of the Food Halls ( experts will demonstrate to you that there is nothing compared with regular Food Courts ) is a good illustration Time Out or Eataly perfectly anticipated the demand to find all the flavors and cultural universes under one roof The mall's which have not yet decided to repolarize the offer or which are waiting for an expansion to launch the process try to step in the trend by organizing massive lesson cooking or Chef Masterclass In the same way great couturiers ( Giorgio Armani - Ralph Lauren) open venues combining Food and Fashion • Art is a positive vector of socialization To remove Art from private Gallery to malls was a big challenge but it was worthy It is a hand given to education and personal improvement but also an opportunity to stretch the brand territory and the segments targeted By welcoming school and initiate children, landlords play a social role and prepare the Future
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