10 Birthday planners in Egypt

  • 01-01-2022

Best 10 Companies for Organizing

Birthday Party’s

Birthday parties can be hard to plan and difficult to make, and it takes time to organize and decorate your Birthday party because you would want your Birthday party as fun and fabulous as possible. These 10 Birthday party organisers will help make your Birthday party extra special.

Leila Events:

Leila Events are proudly passionate and ready to decorate any of your lifetime events with extensive experience in events decorations in Egypt since 2010 and after decorating more than 300 events, including corporate events, birthdays, baby showers, baptism, aqeeqah, engagements and weddings. Our speciality lies in the exclusivity, uniqueness and distinctiveness of our decorations. We love hand-made customisations, and we’re always willing to invest our time and effort in creating you different stuff from scratch. We hate the easy way of doing things; we’d rather have additional material sourced from other suppliers and processed by various hand-made and automated tools than have ready-made items.



Monasba can decorate your event from the little thing to the Biggest Thing You need. We offer Decorations that whatever you dream of can be implemented into your dream event Henna Party - Limousines, Cars and other transportation services- Cameramen, Mixers, Photographers all you need to document your special event Celebration. Halls at hotels, villas, etc... Indoor and Outdoor DJ's & Entertainment, Catering, Bonbonnieres & Guestbooks Everything you need for planning your ceremony will be found and fulfilled.







Big Party:

Big Party is one of the largest companies organising children's birthday parties in Egypt and details new birthday parties and shows. Specialising in organising parties birthdays for children, pinata, Marionette brides, Aragoz, competitions of all kinds, DJ, children's games, show Bubbles, drawing children's faces, show Nubian, show oriental, and show fancy clothes.

Henna and about., In addition making decorations at the highest-level lighting, sound system balloons, that satisfies all tastes. They have everything literally and at reasonable prices too. You can pick what you want and add it to the cart on their website.

Prices: Disney character:350/DJ:650/clown:350/ penyata:350/ magician:800/ dog show:1500/Bubbles show:750/treasure hunt:700/Minnie Zoo:6500



Coco dada is one of the largest companies that focuses on creating social events, entertainment and family reunion events. They also organise school events, theme parties, Birthday parties, catering, corporate events, activities and workshops. They have fantastic decoration and inflatable games, making birthdays, kids events and school events so much more fun and exceptional than other companies. CoCoDaDa provides professional services for Birthday parties & family events management, beach resorts, organising fun activities, entertainment & equipment in Egypt. We take your fun business seriously! Planning and organising birthday events in Egypt is all about your tailor-made personal event. The CoCoDaDa team brings the event management experience for big multinational companies to the job! We started in 2011 as a brand name for kids’ birthday parties. Today, we create the best and most unique birthday themes and design concepts never experienced in Egypt with our games and tools. Our goal? To make everyone happy with our birthday party, kids and parents create happy memories for everyone. See below our innovative birthday themes – Contact us for details! Birthday celebrations are essential for emotional and social child development. So, if your kid’s birthday is coming soon and you are still looking for a Birthday party planner, CoCoDaDa can help you create the best birthday celebration that suits all your needs and budget.

Prices: School events:15,000/Theme party:20,000/ Birthday party:5000/catering:10,000/Activities and workshops:3,500/Inflatable games:1,500/Kids events:7,000/Shows:1,500


Funky Fest

The funky fest is one of the particular company’s in making birthday party’s by relying on fun activities and entertainment shows such as Hindy show, dogs show, princess shows, animal show and magician shows and etcetera and in the other hand, they have a Treasure hunt, challenge games and sports activities. They also have inflatable games as coco dada.

Prices: Dj:750/Disney character’s show:700/challenge games:1200

African show:1500/ treasure hunt:1200/bubbles show:1500/ magician:800/ Animal show:1500

They also have packages which contain shows, fun activities and inflatable games at a great price.


Happy Party

The happy party is a vast company that organises openings, birthday parties, mould parties, graduation ceremony and weddings/Engagements. They have a lot of fun activities, shows and games to include in your special birthday as inflatable games, animals show, treasure hunt and more.

Prices: Avenger show:850/ acrobat show:1100/dog show:1400

Bubbles show:700/DJ:850/magician:650/competition games:450/Bouncing boxing:1800/bowling ball inflatable:2500/climbing tower:2000.



Party tonight

The most attractive discounts and gifts With party tonight, the company that organises parties for nurseries, schools, companies, birthdays, weddings and engagements, offers you the most attractive offers and discounts at the best prices, quality and performance efficiency And the best prices and offers, Sure, every nursery wants to return like the first and better. Sure, you want the number to increase. Sure, you want to do propaganda, come and choose the party that suits you, make the children happy, and supply your number With special discounts for nurseries and schools. And select the package that suits you. First package What brides four characters Aragoz Bride Theater DJ The second package What brides four characters clown balloon DJ Third package What are the brides of 4 characters? clown balloon I have a Follow-match competitions DJ



Dahab show event planner

Dahab Show for parties and birthdays

Book your party with us. They have. Lots of packages. And more offers. Disney characters, Argos. Clowns; Dogs Show. Bubbles Show. The magician. Balloon decor. Video shooting. Photographer. Competitions. Bouncers and slides. In all its forms.








Ninja show

For an extraordinary and unconventional birthday

Ninja Show Party Planning offers you the latest distortions and favourite paragraphs for children and adults.

Ninja show We will organise your party anywhere you choose

At home in the club for in a nursery or school or anywhere you choose


Fun day show

Best Offers: The first show DJ, Dolls show_ ARAGOZ, The second show Dj, Brides, Aragon, and the clown's poverty The third show DJ, brides, Aragoz, clown section, face painting for children

Fourth show DJ, brides, aragos, clown section, face painting for children - magician section Fifth show DJ, brides aragos, clown section, face painting for children, magician's section, Tele-match competitions for children. we have

The most beautiful balloon decorations for the party Bouncy games and slides all shapes and sizes video and photoshoot

Popcorn and cotton candy.



You would have a fantastic birthday party by contacting one of the 10 Birthday party organisers, and they would make your birthday party extraordinary, marvellously fun and memorable.


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