Social Events Concepts

CoCoDaDa social events services and ideas are new and fresh. We don’t go for everyday solutions, we don’t just design a social event for a project. At CoCoDaDa we build communities, and help other organizers to wow their communities during their social events. CoCoDaDa generates ideas and themes for the social events scene in Egypt, from venue selection to concept development and marketing – we do it all, and we do it well. Our playgrounds and activities for events are the safest and funniest ever, designed for all age groups and making children happy with games they can play together with their mommies and daddies.


-Solar panels

-renewable energy devices

-Rubbish separation pins

-refilling water bootless

-Recycling, reusing devices and machines

-Energy games playgrounds

-Fundraising zones- kiosks for NPO

-Paperless instructions tools and printing on recycled materials



– Circuses tent

– Clown show, street magician

– Acrobat’s artist


Catwalk /Oscar

-Fashion Show




Families Battle

– Camping
– Cooking Competition
– Sporting games
– Hand crafts activities
-Art activities
-Puzzle or Big picture


Social Events Albums