Beach management and/or a professional beach animation team and fun games are very important ingredients for the success of your beach project at Soukhna, the Red Sea or on the North coast! CoCoDaDa give you the best comprehensive solutions for your beach management anywhere in Egypt, we know how to generate revenue out of your project. Our beach management services are very comprehensive, making us the one stop company and including beach sponsorship, beach animation teams and inflatable games on sands or water.

Check out below detailed services to see what we can do for your beach resorts, hotels and beach club houses.   

Beach Management

  • Design your beach identity
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Designing a calendar for your season
  • Creating new events themes
  • Sourcing all manpower
  • Creating life on sands

Animation Team

  • Provide Animation Team for hotels & Beach resorts
  • Train your in-house animators on new games

Inflatables and games

  • We have more than 100 games in our store for renting and leasing business
  • We provide custom made new inflatables in your name
  • We brand your name on games
  • Create new trendy games
  • Building aquapark on sea or pool just in one day

Beach Production

  • Stage design
  • Production (Flags – bean bags – safety towers – shades –WC- pools, etc)
  • Sound &Light
  • Gates and signing


  • Sponsorship proposal writing
  • Approaching sponsors
  • Exclusive contract

Branding activities

  • Design new interactive activities for your own brand activation
  • Produce and import for your propaganda
  • Operate and document your shows  

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